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Thank you for visiting our page! We’re a group of passionate writers, engineers, and fitness enthusiasts with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.

We started this website after the Coronavirus Pandemic broke out because we realized that there was a lack of actionable and fun-to-read information about the challenges and opportunities that come with working from home.

We produce content that is intended to be thought provoking and actionable.

Being a healthy, happy remote worker is an essential skill of the future and we want you to succeed.

In the productivity section, you’ll find content that will make you more effective at home than you were in the office.

In the mindset section, you’ll find strategies that will help you overcome challenges and discover opportunities that can arise with remote work.

In the fitness section, you’ll find free workouts and science-based articles that will help you reach your fitness goals whether you’re WFH or traveling the world – no equipment required.

In the other section, you’ll find the misfits we couldn’t quite place.

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