We hiked through a forest in the pouring rain and got borderline hypothermia before this picture was taken.

Patrick, Nikita, and I work at top tech companies based in Silicon Valley, live wherever we choose, and create profitable projects outside of work hours. In the next few years, there are going to be way more people like us and this shift will change everything, from real estate to cities to material goods ownership to competition for jobs to wealth gaps between economies. Despite the scale of this change, we found few valuable resources to help us along our journey when we started. Therefore, we wanted to create a website where we could share our learnings from travel, work, business, and lifestyle design as we come across them. Our aim is to create authentic, inspirational, and actionable content that you can use now to create the perfect remote work lifestyle for yourself. And thankfully, it’s easier to do than you probably think, especially if you follow the guides and resources you’ll find all over this website.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find work that allows you to live anywhere in the world by applying for a new remote job, turning your existing job into a remote one, or starting your own business. Check out the following guides to learn how to do this:

After you’ve made your way through these foundational pieces, you can start diving into different sections at your leisure. Here are some of our most popular articles by subjects.

Lifestyle Design:


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