Dynamic Warm Up:
Knee to chest with kicks x10
Bodyweight Air Squats x10
Opposite Toe Touch with Reach x5 each side
Lizards with push-up x5 each side
Quad stretch with Reach with jobs x5 each side
Seated Leg Raises x10 each side
1/2 Froggers x 15 each side
Down-Dog Heel Raises x15 each side

Monday – Full Body Resistance

A1: Diamond Push-ups 10-15x
A2: Goblet squat with Loaded Suitcase 10-12x
3-4 sets

B1: Single Leg Hip Bridge with Leg Whip – 6-8x each side
B2: Iso unilateral Towel Row with hold – 8x each side
3-4 sets

C1: Reverse Lunge with Rotation – 8-10x each side
C2: Reverse Plank – 1 min
C3: Russian Twists – 30 seconds
3 sets

Tuesday – Bodyweight Cardio

Option A: 30-40 min Run
Option B: 30 min AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible
1. Plank to Down Dog with Toe Taps – 10x
2. Lateral Lunge with Knee-Drive Switch – 5x each side
3. Around-The-Worlds to Squat – 8x (can use book or backpack as a load)
4. Side Plank – 30 seconds each side
5. Step backs to Pogo Jump – 10x total
6. Prone Shoulder Swimmers (slow and controlled) – 5x

Wednesday – Full Body Resistance

A1: 1/2 kneeling single arm OH press – 8-10x each side
A2: Squat – Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) – 8x each side
3-4 sets

B1: Double Leg RDL with backpack – 10x each side
B2: 2 point row – 8-12x each side
4 sets

C1: Lateral Lunge – 8x each side
C2: Supine weighted press with pull-overs 10-15x
C3: Plank with Drag – 30 seconds continuous
3 sets

Thursday – Active Recovery

Tall Knee Shoulder CARS – 5x FWD, 5x BWD each side
Seated ankle CARS – 5x each direction, hold each side for 3-5 seconds
Cat Cow – 10x
Child’s Post with Reach – 5x each side, hold each side for 3-5 seconds
Quadruped HIP CARS – 5x FWD, 5x BWD each side
1/2 kneel with reach to Hamstring – 10x each side

*Do 2 Rounds
**CARS = Controlled Articular Rotations

Friday – Full Body Resistance

A1: Deficit Push-up – 10-15x (can use two books or textbooks)
A2: Wall Sit – 30s – 1 min (can add load if desired)
4 sets

B1: Modified SL hip hinge – 8 reps
B2: Prone Broom Row – 10 reps
4 sets

C1: Lateral Step Ups to Reverse Lunge – 8 Reps each side (Can use couch or chair)
C2: Turkish Sit Up – 8 – 10 reps
C3: Scissors – 30 reps per side
3 sets

Saturday – Bodyweight Cardio

Option A: 30 – 40 min run
Option B: 30 min AMRAP – As Many Rounds as Possible

  1. Bridge with Loaded Press – 15x
  2. Ice Skaters – 20 seconds
  3. Bicep Curl to OH Press to Anterior Lunge – 8x
  4. Animals – 6x each side
  5. Sidelying Dynamic Clams – 10x each side
  6. In-in-out-out (fwd/bwd) – 20 seconds

Sunday – Rest